Over- and underpressure in process industry and at handling of liquids/gases requires general control.

Our partners are USA-based companies Continental Disc Corporation and Groth Corporation, companies of a common group, which manufactures safety products for tanks, for pressurized equipments and for pipe systems.

RUPTURE DISCS– Continental Disc Corporation – CDC    (PDF)       cdc_logo

For more than 50 years, Continental Disc Corporation has manufactured metal rupture discs for gas and liquid systems; the range also includes graphite rupture discs.

Comprehensive solutions are available – rupture discs with seals, holders and monitoring indicators.

Tite-Seal and Screw Type-products with holders are intended for protection of so-called mini-systems.

The product range also includes explosion membranes, ventilation frames for dust bunkers and drying kilns.

Brands: STANDARD Type, COMPOSITE Type, MICRO X , Enviro-Seal, Tite-Seal, Tanksert, ULTRX, MINTRX, STAR X, SANITRX, LOTRX, RCS, CAL-VAC, POS-A-SET, Icon Rupture Disc, Vent Panel, HPX

HPX Rupture Discs Family is the most advanced line of rupture discs available in field today. 


TANK SAFETY EQUIPMENT– Groth Corporation   (PDF)             groth

Groth Corporation - a company established in 1960 as manufacturer of so-called "breathing" valves - is presently one of the largest manufacturers of over-/underpressure valves in the USA. The products are intended for balancing of atmospheric pressure and the internal pressure of large tanks and containers (or a manufacturing process), allowing containers and systems to ”breathe”.

The product range includes:

Pilot Operated Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves,

Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valves,

Vacuum Relief Valves,

Emergency Pressure Relief Valves, Flame /

Detonation Arresters,

Blanketing Gas Regulators,

Digester Cover Equipment,

Valve Testing Equipment, etc.